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Costar’s StarNET Software is a surveillance solution for both large enterprises and small business customers. Sporting an intuitive GUI, this suite makes it easy for installers and those unfamiliar with IT networks to easily navigate its rich feature set of powerful recording options.

Providing a general-purpose video recording application, StarNET meets a wide range of surveillance needs. From cameras to recorders to the user interface and beyond, this software delivers on a premium experience. Designed with FREE and one-time charge options, our tiered cost structure allows you to pick and choose the features you need instead of purchasing unnecessary additions.

It is the perfect solution for project-based surveillance roll outs. When the time comes to transform and update a project, this system will allow you to seamlessly integrate your customer’s requirements. In addition, utilizing Costar’s family of cameras, keyboards, recorders, extended storage products, analytics appliances, and more will help ensure a future-proof surveillance solution.

Born out of Costar’s deep understanding of the surveillance market, StarNET is a premier surveillance software solution. It is prepared to meet and excel you and your customer’s needs and provides a scalable solution for a wide range of customer applications.



Discover the Power Behind StarNET:

FEN stands for “For Every Network”. It was formally known in the DVRNS in earlier models of our units. In basic terms, it is a tool which Costar uses to makes it easier to connect to your camera system when you are off-site. FEN is Costar’s Dynamic DNS service.

It is free and easy to use. To break it down even more, a Dynamic DNS server is tool used in many different facets of networking. DNS stands for Domain Name Server. It is very useful tool that is used every day by every person who uses the internet. It makes it easier to connect to a device by remembering a name as opposed to an IP address or long string of numbers. For instance, Costarvideo.com is a domain name tied to an IP address. If Costar Video used its IP address to connect to it s website, then it would be difficult to remember so we use Costarvideo.com instead.

The word “dynamic” means consistently changing. Most of all the IP address that an internet service provider will issue are dynamic. This means that even if an end user connects to his device using the internet, he may still get disconnected at another time since the IP address is “dynamic” or changing. DNS and FEN fix this issue by helping the end user stay connected even though your camera system is connected to a “dynamic” IP system.


Administration Control MODULE

StarNET VMS Software Administration service module defines an StarNET VMS Software system where all its other service modules are registered to.

StarNET VMS Software Administration service module allows centralized management of access privileges and centralized device management, such as device FW upgrade, remote device configuration, and configuration of all the other StarNET VMS Software service modules being used.

Event Monitoring (included in MODULE)

StarNET VMS Software Monitoring service module allows centralized event dispatch services.

StarNET VMS Software Monitoring service allows you to route a specific set of events to a specific (group of) user(s) based on the event types, schedule, and user groups.

For example, system health-related events can be routed to maintenance department operators, while other events can be routed to loss prevention department operators.

Live Streaming (included in MODULE)

StarNET VMS Software Streaming service module allows Up to 64 remote users to access the live video stream.

Video Backup MODULE

StarNET VMS Software Backup service module can be used to provide an offline backup of video. StarNET VMS Software Backup service allows you to choose a set of cameras to be archived on a pre-programmed schedule. It allows you to archive your video while minimizing the network traffic during your peak hours of operation.

StarNET VMS Software Backup service provides two additional options to maximize the data retention period of your offline backup storage: Summary backup and Event video only backup mode.

System Failover MODULE

StarNET VMS Software Failover service modules provide service grade redundancy. You can provide Failover services to different service modules, such as Administration, Federation, Recording, Streaming or Video Wall services.

If one of the PC servers fails or if one of the services is interrupted, the corresponding Failover module will take over the operation with minimal interruption. If the failed servers or services are recovered, the operation will recover and go back to normal operation.

Federation MODULE

StarNET VMS Software Federation module works in a very similar way as the StarNET VMS Software Administration service module, and it allows you to create a Federation of multiple StarNET VMS Software systems.

StarNET VMS Software Federation service allows the centralized user management access privilege control over devices registered to the multiple StarNET VMS Software systems.

StarNET VMS Software Federation allows your video surveillance system to grow into a practically unlimited number of cameras.

For example, each StarNET VMS Software system can manage Up to 1,024 devices, and each device can have Up to 64 IP cameras (DR8364). Each StarNET VMS Software system can have Up to 64,000 cameras, and StarNET VMS Software Federation allows multiples of these systems.

Video Fingerprinting

Embedded fingerprints in the video deter tampering with recorded footage. This feature adds special markers to the video and audio that allows you to easily match the original footage to review if any sections have been added, edited, or removed.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

The SSL protocol is a security standard for establishing an encrypted connection between devices ensuring secure data transmissions.

StarNET Product Chart

StarNET Server System
StarNET Client System

Built for reliability

Costar’s StarNET Software supports stable multichannel video recording & outstanding searching performance. In addition, failover, & backup improve its reliability while operating consistently without any failure.


Built for Performance

Costar’s StarNET Software supports Full HD live and record video at 30ips on up to 1,024 channels on our free version and unlimited channels on our Pro version.


Built for Scalability

The scale of Costar’s StarNET Software is not measurable because any number of services can be coupled to one solution. This means any enterprise-level solution can be covered with this software.

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