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Video Management Software

Central Point is a powerful Video Management System (VMS) for Costar Central Connect Technology that allows users to intuitively view live camera feeds and access specialized video tools such as event search, playback, video export, and more. 

The new Central Point Video Management Software features:

  • Gives administrators the ability to configure and set up preferences for the system. 
  • Each user can customize and save screen view layouts. 
  • Divide the screen from a single image to 64 camera grid. 
  • Design and save your own customized screen layouts. 
  • Group recorders for easy access to user defined regions or combine multiple recorders in the same location to appear as one recorder. 
  • View real time event activity and quickly access the video. Play, pause, and use multiple tools to search video. 
  • Using a JPEG background image, cameras can be plotted on the map for a quick visual reference to the live image view. 
  • Organize and view live feeds, playback, maps, events, logs, and statuses on a single monitor or detach to see on multiple monitors. 
  • Scroll through as many as 64 live images or videos.