Video Management Software


Costar’s StarNET Pro Software Solution Suite is a highly scalable and fully integrated network video surveillance solution that is ready to fit your needs.

Costar’s StarNET Software is a surveillance solution for both large enterprises and small business customers. Sporting an intuitive GUI, this suite makes it easy for installers and those unfamiliar with IT networks to easily navigate its rich feature set of powerful recording options.

Providing a general-purpose video recording application, StarNET meets a wide range of surveillance needs. From cameras to recorders to the user interface and beyond, this software delivers on a premium experience. Designed with FREE and one-time charge options, our tiered cost structure allows you to pick and choose the features you need instead of purchasing unnecessary additions.

It is the perfect solution for project-based surveillance roll outs. When the time comes to transform and update a project, this system will allow you to seamlessly integrate your customer’s requirements. In addition, utilizing Costar’s family of cameras, keyboards, recorders, extended storage products, analytics appliances, and more will help ensure a future-proof surveillance solution.

Born out of Costar’s deep understanding of the surveillance market, StarNET is a premier surveillance software solution. It is prepared to meet and excel you and your customer’s needs and provides a scalable solution for a wide range of customer applications.

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